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A friend recently told me of a coworker of hers who lost a loved one.  While some time has passed since their passing, our friend still has his good and bad days.

What kind of signs should I look for so I’ll know what to say or how to act with my friend? There are signs you’ll notice as their day starts and as it goes on:

  • How are they walking or standing? What’s their body language?
  • Are they talkative or quiet?
  • Do they have an appetite?
  • Do they seem distracted from their work?
  • Did they show up late, take a long lunch or leave early?
  • Or are they working long hours–there when you arrive and staying when everybody else goes home?
  • Do you notice a change in appearance or attitude?

What should you do or say?  Try a few of these:

  • Be calm and even toned when you speak to them.
  • Try talking about every day things. Share your life and ask about theirs.
  • Be supportive if the subject of loss comes up.
  • Invite them to coffee or lunch.
  • Offer to car pool with them.

Distraction and support are but two ways you can help.  By no means, do not try and be a counselor–leave that to professionals.

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